How many companies does the application contain?

The application is designed entirely for your business. It includes your own logo, your catalog and information about your business such as contact information, photos, order terms.

Who will insert the information in the application?

Our team undertakes to enter all the information of your business in the application and to color it in the style of your business. Upon completion of the application you will check it and all you will have to do is give us your approval to be published!

Are there any changes after it is published?

Of course, after completing the application, you can make any changes you need to the directory and content.

Where will the application be located?

The data of your application are hosted on secure privately owned servers of our company. The application is available in the largest app markets, the App Store and Play Store.

Is the application reliable?

The application has been developed with the latest technologies in native code and in the official programming languages of iOS & Android.

Will I pay for a subscription to the App Store and Play Store?

According to Apple instructions, you must create your own developer account in the App Store with an annual subscription ($99) that you pay directly to Apple. For the Play Store you can also create a developer account or stay in the Appiko account at no cost.

Where does the application belong?

The application and the data resulting from its use belong to you 100%.

What do I pay after the first year?

The only charge after the first year of use of the application is the technical support and hosting.